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How Bitcoin Laundering Works

Our laundering service gives you maximum Bitcoin privacy

Bitcoins are not anonymous by design, but they can be laundered to increase their anonymity. Most existing "bitcoin laundries" are either scams or ineffective. Many of them simply take your bitcoin and send them back to you from the same wallet, without even mixing or anonymizing the coins at all. And of course they charge a fee for this 'service'.

Others are more like the Hotel California; they let you deposit your bitcoins, but you can never withdraw them. Beware!

We have developed a bulletproof anonymity-strengthening-relay (ASR).

Most 'legitimate' bitcoin laundering services mix up the coins in a wallet, then send them back to you after a period of time. However, a motivated and intelligent adversary can still backtrace those coins, identifying the corresponding input and output transactions. Experienced forensic financial investigators or hacker teams would encounter difficulty and inconvenience in tracing the scrambled coins through the blockchain, but it would NOT be impossible.

We offer you two bitcoin laundering options to suit your needs:


QuickLaunder is basically the system used by most Bitcoin laundry services. We scramble your bitcoins with the coins of other users. The longer you leave your coins in your BitLaunder wallet, the more randomized they will become. QuickLaunder withdrawals are automated and processed quickly, usually requiring less than 2 hrs for confirmation. However, QuickLaunder will only slow down - not stop - a motivated investigator from backtracing your bitcoin. So you should use this option when you want to remain anonymous but the consequences of detection are not catastrophic.


Secure Launder renders your bitcoins completely untraceable, even to the most persistent forensic investigator. You deposit bitcoins into your BitLaunder wallet, where we scramble them with coins of other users. When you withdraw your coins, however, we send them from a completely different wallet, a wallet located in untraceable 'onionland' where there is no history whatsoever of your coins. In fact, it is logically impossible to trace your coins if you use the Secure Launder method. Secure Launder is not automatic, and can take up to 24hrs to process your bitcoins, as all withdrawals are handled manually.

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