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... the perfect bitcoin mixing service...

Powerful tools to launder your bitcoins.

Our bitcoin mixing service will fully anonymize bitcoin.

Features include:

Quick Launder - We scramble your bitcoins with the coins of other users, obscuring their origins. Fast and automated, but not 100% untraceable.

Secure Launder - We completely randomize your bitcoins, sending them back to you from a separate 'onionland' wallet, ensuring their is absolutely no connection between your old coins and your new ones. Processed manually and can take up to 24hrs.

Time Release - You can specify a timeframe to release your bitcoins (for Quick Launder). The longer you specify, the greater the anonymity. For example, you can release 5 bitcoins over a 10hr period to a specific address OR multiple addresses.

Anonymous Transactions - You can send and receive bitcoin directly from your BitLaunder e-wallet. Your transactions are fully anonymous and the recipient can not trace the coins back to you.

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