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Frequently Asked Questions

For Answers to Questions Not Covered Here, Email [email protected]

How Does It Work?

To understand how our Bitcoin anonymizing service works, please view our How Bitcoin Laundering Works page

What Is the Difference Between 'Quick Launder' and 'Secure Launder'

Our QuickLaunder service mixes your bitcoins with everyone else's, scrambling the transaction history and making it extremely difficult to backtrace the coins - but potentially NOT impossible. QuickLaunder is automatic and fast. Our 'Secure Launder' service makes it 100% impossible to trace your bitcoin because not only do we mix them with other coins, but we send them from a completely different, secure 'onionland' address. The Bitcoins you receive are absolutely untraceable back to you. SecureLaunder fully anonymizes Bitcoin for you. SecureLaunder is processed manually and can take up to 24hrs, but this option is advisable when you need maximum protection!

Are There Minimum or Maximum Transaction Limits?


What Are Your Fees?

Fees are 2% for Quick Launder and 3% for Secure Launder.

How Can I Sign Up?

Click on Open Account in the upper-right corner of the website.

Can Anyone Sign Up?


Is It Available In All Countries?


I Lost My Password and/or Username. Help?

email [email protected]

Is It Easy to Use?

Yes. It is very simple to use.

Is BitLaunder a Bitcoin e-wallet?


How Many Confirmations Are Required for Deposts?


Can I Deposit and Withdraw Funds Automatically?

Yes. Although if you choose the 'SecureLaunder' withdrawal option, we manually process your withdrawal to fully wash your Bitcoins, which can take a little longer and is not automatic.

Do You Collect Personal Data?


Do You Retain IP Logs?


Is Your Website TOR Compatible?


Do You Retain Transaction Histories?

NOT of the Bitcoin addresses, only of the amounts sent and received.


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